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    Welcome to The Blue MUGs

    By Serena, 22/07/16

    The Blue Mountains Ukulele Group is a bunch of great people who meet to play ukulele together. Heard of The Blue MUGs? That's us. This is our space to share music, get organised and plan performances.

    We hold regular ukulele workshops, open mics, strums, jams and gigs in Lawson, Springwood, Blaxland, Leura, Penrith, Werrington and lots of other places too. Interested? Register here :-)

    Not a member? Check out The Blue MUGs at

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  • Events

    Springwood Uke Jam

    Springwood Uke Jam

    Friday November 16 2018, 7:30 PM
    @ Springwood Sports Club
    Attendees: 6
    Always fun, always welcoming - 3rd Friday means its time for the Springwood uke jam. If you are new to the ukulele or to the Blue MUGs, don't be shy, come along and there will...
    Open Mic @ The Henry - The Red & White Edition

    Open Mic @ The Henry - The Red & White Edition

    Monday November 19 2018, 7:30 PM
    @ Henry Sports Club, 144 Henry Lawson Avenue, Werrington
    Attendees: 12
    Open Mic at the Henry Lawson Club. It's close to Christmas and with all the Fun from our Halloween Open Mic it will be a bit of fun having a "Red & White" theme. Get a...


    Wednesday November 21 2018, 11:00 AM
    @ Penrith Golf and Recreation Club, The Northern Raod,...
    Attendees: 2
    Please Join us for a Casual 2 hour Strum in the Alfreso Area at the rear of the club.   We play out of the Ukulele Club Songbooks one and two and usually have a chat, a cuppa or...
    Ukes By The River

    Ukes By The River

    Sunday November 25 2018, 2:30 PM
    @ Nepean Rowers Club, Bruce Neale Drive, Penrith
    Attendees: 15
    Ukes by the river, strumming by the shore, no need to say any more, but I could. Good food and a great atmosphere.
    Workshopping At The Lawson Bowlo

    Workshopping At The Lawson Bowlo

    Wednesday November 28 2018, 7:30 PM
    @ The Lawson Bowling Club, 2 Loftus St, Lawson
    Attendees: 4
    What are you doing tonight? Come along to the Lawson Bowlo. Guest Presenters will be workshopping their favourites and introducing the new set-list songs too. If you are...
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    "Travel safe MUGs, see you at the JAMboree!"
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    Steve Roberts

    November Set List including Corporate Gig

    Aloha All,

    November is normally a quiet month as we have the JAMboree and are getting ready for the Christmas rush.

    Well, this year The MUGs have been asked to perform at a...
    29/10/18 12:48, by Steve Roberts


    Ukulele JAMboree

    So far we have over 180 ukulele players attending the JAMboree. We are going to have a fabulous time. See you there!

    27/10/18 08:39, by Ann
    Narelle Adams2

    Wedding thank you

    My wife and I would  love  to  thank you all for your thoughts, your presence, your gifts and your songs. You helped make our day so special. There are many wonderful photos. If you would like...
    08/10/18 03:49, by Narelle Adams2

    Christine Davies

    Kenvyn's birthday

    Dear MUGs family

    Kenvyn would be celebrating his 70th birthday this coming Monday Oct 8th.

    To mark this occasion and honour his memory, I am hosting a virtual birthday party for...
    04/10/18 15:20, by Christine Davies

    Steve Roberts

    October Setlist

    Here 'tis

    02/10/18 10:01, by Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts

    The MUGs Springstrum Set

    Aloha All,

    The MUGs Springstrum set is attached and we have also added in the final all in set, be aware some of these are in different keys to what we normally play.

    See you...
    10/09/18 08:39, by Steve Roberts

    Steve Roberts

    September set List

    Here you go...

    27/08/18 13:51, by Steve Roberts
    Meredith Harper

    Narelle and Marina's podcast appearance!

    I've just released a new episode of my podcast Ukulele is The New Black, featuring the lovely Marina and Narelle.  Please listen, enjoy, and...
    27/08/18 09:14, by Meredith Harper

    Narelle Adams2

    Narelle and Marina's wedding

    Hi all

    For all of you who can't attend but would like to be apart of the wedding you can follow this link to see videos and photos of the event. 

    26/08/18 20:37, by Narelle Adams2

    Steve Roberts

    August Set List

    Aloha All, the August set list with three sets as we are going 'Bush' this month!

    30/07/18 12:26, by Steve Roberts